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Weise7 / Workshops / Introduction to Software Defined Radio


In this 3-day intensive participants will learn how to use a 12 Euro RTLSDR USB dongle* and free, open-source software to read, record and appropriate a vast world of signal around them. From weather satellites to the International Space Station, aircraft, military, pirate and amateur bands - software-defined radio allows for any Linux, OS X or Windows laptop to become a powerful ear into a world otherwise unheard by the devices we use.

Outdoor excursions with a variety of antennae will be made to ensure participants have real-world experience capturing, analysing and recording radio phenomena. A special module on uncloaking, spoofing and deploying cellular infrastructure will be taught, as will another on GNU Radio, a powerful toolkit for designing and packaging radio applications entirely in software.

Skills, terms and concepts learned are directly applicable to further learning in areas such as packet radio, radio-astronomy, wireless counter-surveillance, signal-jamming and pirate radio.

No prior knowledge of radio, programming or command line interaction is required.

Course Fee: 150€ Materials: 12€ (optional)